10 Apps That Can Let You Manage SEO While Traveling

Through the years, the internet has evolved from a mere bucketful source of information into a worldwide system used not just for socializing but in businesses as well Search Engine Optimization (SEO) eventually became more relevant as more and more information are loaded on the internet even as we speak. Is your profession related to SEO? Do you own an android phone? Good news is that there are various android apps nowadays specifically tailored to be efficient tools for SEO specialists. Read further and discover the top 12 Android Apps for SEO which will not only save you a lot of time but also improve the overall results of your SEO ventures.

Ad sense Dashboard Google Ad-sense is currently the leading ad provider on the internet. Since on-line trends change without notice, being updated to your Google Ad-sense account as frequent as possible is a must if you want to be a competitive SEO specialist. Despite offering a long list of helpful features including a performance metrics of your campaigns, this app remains to be downloadable by anyone free of charge.


This app is a keyword research tool that can help marketers come up with brilliant ideas. It provides users important data such as highest cost-per-click price, the most used keywords in a certain time frame, an estimate of how heavy the competition is for a certain keyword and like most of the android apps included in this list, this one is also free.


Feedly can keep you updated about the latest news from known blog hosting websites such as Tumblr, RSS feeds, and YouTube channels. The app can be downloaded for free from Google play store.

SEO Automatic 

This free app is a great way to create reports for a certain webpage. Keyword tags, title, description, and header tags are only a few of the information this app can scrape.


Evernote is available for both Android and iOS platforms. This is basically a documentation app that is widely used by marketers to record their inbound lead generation and marketing ideas. The information provided is accurate and the app is easy to use.


Flipboard is a fully customizable virtual magazine where marketers can specify the topics and news they want to be updated regularly.

WebRank SEO 

This app can be a very useful tool to any SEO professional. It can share a long list of information about your current website SEO standing like Google Page Rank. It helps in analysing the blog or website easily.

SEO Keyword Checker 

Want to know the best keywords in a flash? You will surely love this app. It also offers competitive analysis of various related keywords.


SEO is often done with a team. With Skype installed on your phone, communicating with every member is a breeze. It is easy to use and is a good source of communication.


A reliable file-sharing platform is crucial for an SEO team to effectively function making Drop-box a must have in every on-line marketer's mobile app collection.
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