Achieve lag-free browsing Android

Discover how to get the perfect browsing experience though a hidden Chrome tweak.

No-matter the processing power within your smartphone, it’s fairly common to find a small amount of lag as you browse the web. Some websites will be heavy on your smartphone’s CPU usage, while others will include a number of images that take a while to load on your screen. You can try countless browsers to distance yourself from the lag, but thanks to the Chrome Experiments page, there’s a hidden trick you can also attempt to solve it. Google has a number of experimental features that can be tinkered with to get a
better Chrome experience. The one we are focusing in on for this tutorial will designate more RAM to browsing the web, ultimately helping achieve a lag-free experience.

1.Open URL bar

Open up the Chrome browser and type chrome://flags into the URL bar.
This will take you to all of the experimental features that Google has been
working on for Chrome. Please note that some of these can be detrimental to
your device.

2.Increase RAMusage

Scroll down the list until you find the ‘Maximum tiles for interest area’ option. This is where you’ll find the easiest way to designate more RAM to the
Chrome browser and help eradicate any signs of lag.

3.Choose 512

Press on the Default drop-down menu and select the 512 option from the list
provided. Now scroll to the bottom of the list and select the Relaunch Now
option. This will restart Chrome with the changes in full effect.

4.Take a look

You should now find no noticeable lag when you browse the web on your device. If you want to revert back to how the browser was previously, go
back to the Experimental Features page and select the ‘Reset all to default’ option.

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