How to Maintain and Troubleshoot Network Connections ?

Hello guys today i am going to tell you how to maintain or troubleshoot your network connections.i am going to give basic knowledge of this problems.So here we start.

Procedure Reference: Troubleshoot Network Interface Cards:

Many of the problems associated with network interface cards can be traced back to a resource conflict or hardware failure. To identify the problems associated with NICs(Network Interface Card):

1. If a user can start the computer but cannot connect to the network, verify that:

  • The computer has a NIC(Network Interface Card) installed in it.
  • The right type of cable is plugged into the NIC and to an applicable  connection device.
  • The correct network protocols are installed and are properly configured.
  • The NIC's link light is lit.
  • The user has followed the proper network logon procedures.If ther is any question about this, restart the computer and try logging on again.
  • The network is functioning properly.Usually,if the network itself is the problem, you'll be getting many more than just one request for assistance.
2. If trying the quick fixes doesn't solve the problem:

  • Check for resource conflicts, especially if a new peripheral has been recently added to an older computer.You can use either a diagnostic utility disk for the specific NIC type or windows Device Manager.Both of these tools can help you find IRQ,DMA, and I/O address conflicts.
  • Verify that the correct device drivers are  being loaded for the NIC and the network, Particularly if the NIC's link light isn't on. Reinstall or update drivers as necessary.
  • Open the computer case and verify that the NIC is completely seated in the expansion slot.Like RAM chips and processors, expansion cards are susceptible to chip creep.
  • Use a loopback plug or other loopback  device to check communication.This tool mimics a network and tells you if the NIC's firmware is functioning  as expected.
  • Replace the suspect NIC with one that you know works properly.If possible, use the same brand and type as the original.If that's impossible, make sure that you have the appropriate installation disk available so that you can properly configure the new card.

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