5 essential apps for rooted Android devices

Hello Readers! Today i am going to tell you 5 essential apps for rooted Android devices.So let we start.

Here is a suggestion of the most essential apps that one should consider installing after rooting their Android smartphone or tablet.

Most Android users may have heard about rooting a device.In simple terms, this process allows a user to gain privilege control of the Android sub-system.A rooted device enables users to perform function that are not available to other Android users.
Rooting a device is not that difficult.There are a number of sources on the web that will help out. However, rooting a device would mean negating the warranty of the device. Utmost care is required. After rooting, you should definitely try these apps:


As the name suggests, this app confirms whether your device was rooted properly or not. Once you run the app, it checks for system admin access. In case you do not have root access, it means that you need to go through the rooting process once again.Useful for people rooting there device for the first time.

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This is where the term get a little technical. Clockwork recovery is a very essential tool for all rooted devices. This app enables you to access your device's recovery mode. Through the recovery mode you can install different customized ROMs, make an entire backup of your system as an image, install apps directly
into the system, perform system-related function like formatting and partitioning your memory and more. If you are rooting for the first time, go through instructions and tips on using CWM. It isn't that easy to use.

Titanium Backup Pro

One of the best backup tools available for Android is Titanium backup pro. The app requires root access and lets you back-up all of your apps along with your data.It even lets you backup your system apps in case you plan to change your smartphone or even just your ROM. One of the best features of Titanium is that you can uninstall any app from your device. So all unnecessary bloat-ware apps that you don't use can be removed. A word of caution:do not remove any system-related apps as you could end up damaging the operating system files.

Root Browser

This is your traditional file manager application which allows you to access all your files and folders. You can move, copy or delete files, open or create zip files, sort your files to any order, share files with anyone, etc. Once you have rooted your device this app will let you access your system files and set read/write permissions for files and folders. It is a very useful app. It makes the task for searching files and folder easier.


If you are looking for an app to personalize your system then stweaks is the answer.The app is a powerful tool that allows you to reconfigure your Android Kernel, so use this app with extreme caution. You can perform various system tweaks like changing the clock speed of your processor, boost your audio output, enable dual-booting and so on.This app has one drawback. It is supported by a limited number of kernels, so one should go through the list of  supported kernels before using it
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