The Best whatsApp alternatives for your smartphone

Now that Facebook might be in control of your data, perhaps it's time to look for some alternatives foe your messaging needs.
Despite that fact that whatsapp has more that 450 million users globally and the 19 billion buyout by Facebook, not everyone we know loves the instant messenger client. some cannot be bothered to be "connected" with everyone who is in there mobile phone-book while others do not like the facts that WhatsApp isn't  really very private, because just about anyone can send them a message unless specifically blocked. Add to this the fact that Facebook a company that's not had a clean recode when it comes to user's privacy, now own it, its best to err on the side of caution and jump ship. The app does lack a bit of the rivals that spot better UIs and slicker deployment of features. And all these faults could be forgiven expect for the fact that it isn't free once you finish the complementary usage period .

       So, what is the alternative? well there are many, actually. We hand-pick Five of the best ones for you to switch to. And before you send any brickbats our way for not including Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts, or similar apps, we did not want to confuse matter by making you switch to an IM app that piggybacks on a full-fledge social network. simply because, what we are looking for through this exercise is a replacement for WhatsApp, which was in turn a replacement of the plain and simple SMS and similarly relies on phone numbers instead of online identities.

BlackBerry Messenger
Price: Free
Available For: BlackBerry, iOS and Android

Price: Free
Available For: BlackBerry, iOS, Android, S40 & S60 and Window Phone.

Price: Free
Available for: BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Bada and Window phone

Price: Free
Available for: Blackberry, iOS, Android, S40 and windows phone

Price: Free
Available for: iOS and Android
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