8 Changes in Windows 8.1 Update 1

Hello Readers! Today i am going to tell you what 8 changes in window 8.1.So let we start.

1. Access the taskbar from anywhere

      The taskbar now  auto-hides when you're running a Window 8 app that's been started using a keyboard/mouse.  This allows quick access to your open apps,  the time Wi-Fi signal strength and your battery level, among other things.

2. Minimise/close  full screen Windows 8 apps 

      Similarly, an auto hidden title bar means that Windows 8 apps can be minimised or closed with ease, as opposed to guessing the right mouse gesture in Window 8/8.1.

3. Pin Window 8 apps to the desktop taskbar

      Windows 8 apps are now more desktop friendly, and can be pinned to the taskbar alongside regular Window programs.

4. Boot to desktop - by default

      Windows  will now directly boot to the desktop on PCs and Laptops, skipping the Start screen entirely.  If you'd rather have it the lold way, you can change this setting.

5. Right-click menu on Start screen

      Right - clicking on a tile on the Start screen now gives you the option of pinning it to the Start screen or taskbar, or even completely uninstalling it.  We can't  believe  this feature didn't exist earlier.

6. Be notified about app installations

      It's small details llike this one that show how much effort Microsoft is really putting into improving Window 8's usability.  Earlier, installing a new app or program would automatically add it to the start screen, which would lead to the Start screen getting clutterd pretty quickly.  That doesn't seem to be the case anymore though, as a subtle notification informs the user of any newly installed apps with a link to the app drawer.

7. Find Power and Search buttons easily

      We're not sure why this wasn't always the case with Windows 8, but the Start screen finally shows a Power and Search button - so, no more fiddling around with the mouse trying find the correct pixel that will shut down your PC.  The visibility of these buttons depends on the size and type of your device - smaller tablets and phones won't show them,  while bigger devices like Laptops and desktops will.

8. Decrease app size

      Another subtle improvement, the size of the app icons in the app drawer can now be decreased, allowing a greater number of apps to fit on the screen.
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