How to Back up your Social Media Google+ and Apps for free !

Hello Guys today i am going to tell you about how to backup your Google+ data so let we start

Google +

      Lets face it, Google pretty much owns our online life; from emails,attachments of all types, chats, Blogger posts (just kidding,who still uses it?) Picasa images, YouTube videos to pretty much everything else we share using its many wonderful apps.
      Mercifully, Google is benevolent enough to let us have a copy of our data - once it's done adding it to its growing "Sky Net" of course(just kidding, hopefully).  Over a period of years Google's various acquisitions like Picasa and Blogger have created a bit of a mess when considering data backups, but now the key elements of the Google family  have been integrated to one simple process.

      Once you've logged in to your Google account you only need to follow a series of simple steps :-

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1)   Click on the circular profile button to the top right and select Account.

2)   On the Accounts page, go to the "Data tools" tab.

3)   Click the "Select data to download links" in the "Data tools" box.

4)   Click the blue "Create an archive" button.

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      From the next steps, Google offers you options on which Google products you want your data archived from, after which you have to click the red "Create Archive" button for a Zip file.
      As of now there are 18 products on the list which include all the essentials.  Once you've selected and finalized your archive Google starts collating all your data.  The time taken for this process depends on the size of your data file but its fairly fast so your data is taken care of in no time.  All hail Google !


I hope this will help you next day i am going to add how to backup your instagram  for free.And if you have any query then drop a comment.  
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