How to Backup your Twitter Social Media for free

Dear friends/readers I am going to show you how to back up your Twitter social media account for free !


      As Twitter went public last your the talks of its future were both hopeful and horrid.  On the off-chance that Twitter does go to the dark side and leave all the tweets hanging, it's best to have a record of your 140 character sized acumen neatly saved for that day, or the day you finally decide to stitch them together into your magnum opus. Fudge ! Even the Library of congress is hoarding tweets, so shouldn't you follow suit ?
Downloading your Twitter archive is even simpler that with Facebook - just three clicks -

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1) Click on the gear icon at the top right of your Twitter page.
2) Click on settings.
3) Scroll down the Accounts page and Click on the "Request your archive"
     button. Bingo ! You're done.

 Expect  an email from Twitter with a ZIP file containing all your data an attain tweet nirvana.

From Editor:

I Hope this tutorial is going to help you.If you have any query or suggestion drop a comment.Thank you. Regards.
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